Meeting Rooms

The North Shore Alano Club has 3 rooms that we rent to AA groups, NA groups, and CA groups. We have various sizes to suit your needs and attendance.

"The Big Room" (Room 3) is 1897 Sq ft., suitable for group sizes between 30 and 200. It is also the room used for our weekly dances (Every Saturday starting at 10pm), with a great sound and lighting system.

"The Medium Room" (Room 1) is 559 Sq. ft., suitable for group sizes between 10 and 40.

"The Small Room" is 350 Sq. ft., suitable for groups sizes up 15.

If you or your group are interested in renting space please email us using our online form or call the North Shore Alano Club at 604-987-4141.

Please see the calendar if you would like to see our meeting list.